Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gemma Flynn report

These are my Gemma Flynn report slides

christmas acrostic poem

This is my acrostic poem about Christmas.




Ice cream




Amazing presents

Saint nicolas

Facts about tsunami's

                          5 facts about tsunami's 

1.Tsunami's are caused by volcanic eruptions, under water earthquakes  and landslides.

2.  Over half of Tsunami's happen in the ring of fire.

3. Tsunami's are capable of speeds around 500 or 805 miles an hour. 

4.  Tsunami means harbor wave in Japanese.

5.  Tsunami's are rarely caused by meteorite strikes. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Facts about earthquakes

                           Facts about earthquakes
1. The center of an earthquake is known as the epicenter.

2.  150 or more earthquakes happen in wellington every year.

3. Earthquakes are often not felt due to how deep the epicenter is.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wish list for summer

                   My   wish list for the summer

1.  Go to the Olympic pools.

2. Read  120 books.

3.  Go on a road trip with my parents.

4.  Sleep in.

5.  Visit  my brother down in Napier.

6.  Go to wellington.

7.  Finish writing and publish the book I am writing.

8.  Go to my grandma's.

9.  Go down south for my birthday.

10.  Watch movies. 

My volcanic eruption explanation report video

This is my volcanic eruption explanation report video

By: Zarneo

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5 facts about volcanoes

                       5 facts about volcanoes

1.  Lava can heat up to 2000 degrees c!

2.  Lava turns into rock when it cools.

3. The world  "Volcano" comes from the greek myth fire god: vulcan.

4.  There are 1510 volcanoes around the world, 80 or  more under water.

5. Volcanoes can cause  tsunami's, flash floods, earthquakes, mud flow's and rock falls.


Bonus fact: There are categories of volcanoes:

1. Active: Will erupt again soon.

2. Dormant: Possibility to erupt in the later future.

3. Extinct: Never going to erupt again.